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In administering drug compositions via inhalation, it is generally known that appropriate aerodynamic diameters and densities are designed for localized delivery to specific respiratory regions. For example, large-sized drug particles may be delivered to the upper airways, and small-sized drug particles may be delivered to the deep lung areas. However, small-sized drug particles that are intended to be released in the deep lung areas may be leaked prematurely into the upper airway, leading to tissue toxicity and irritation and thereby causing patients discomfort and pain. Pharmosa's formulations have selective release profiles, leading to reduced side effects by avoiding the undesired release of drugs from the formulation.

Pulmonary drug delivery of our liposome formulation can be engaged using a variety of inhalation devices such as metered dose inhalers (MDIs), soft mist inhalers (SMIs) and liquid nebulizers. A high payload inhalation formulation is developed to reduce the inhalation time/breath cycle to less than 2 mins/3-4 breaths only for one treatment.