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Corporate Governance Officer

In order to implement corporate governance and promote the effective function of the Board, the Company has approved the appointment of SHIH,WEI-LING as Corporate Governance Officer of the Company on August 9, 2023 by the Board. The Corporate Governance Officer is the highest executive in charge of corporate governance related matters. The corporate governance personnel responsible for the corporate governance business of each relevant unit are responsible for various matters of corporate governance. The Company's Corporate Governance Officer has more than 3 years of working experience at public offering companies engaged in audit, financial management.


It is required that the corporate governance affairs mentioned in the preceding paragraph include at least the following items:


Continuing Education Training of Corporate Governance Officer:
Training Date Organizer Course Name Training Hours
2023/08/07 Taipei Exchange Insider Equity Colloquium from the OTC 3
2023/08/09 Securities and Futures Institute, SFI Corporate Governance and Securities Regulation 3
2023/8/28~2023/8/29 Accounting Research and Development Foundation Corporate Governance、 Professional Ethics and Legal Responsibilities and Fianace 12