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Sustained Release

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Liposomes have a vesicle structure formed by lipid bilayer membranes containing an entrapped aqueous volume. Liposomes have been used as carriers for a variety of therapeutic agents to offer improved delivery properties, such as enhanced blood circulation time, reduced irritation, sustained drug release, and specific accumulation to the targeted tissues. When using liposomes for local drug delivery, it is generally necessary to achieve a high encapsulated drug concentration, and in particular the un-encapsulated proportion should be low to ensure the advantages of drug delivery in a liposome-entrapped form.

However, optimization of the formulations is necessary to accommodate and stabilize the existing drugs and produce the desired release profile. Pharmosa is focusing on formulating existing drugs into a proprietary liposome formulation which improves the therapeutic window through sustained release. The experienced and skillful formulation team at Pharmosa has successfully developed several liposome products in clinical stages and on the market.