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Major Shareholders

Names, number of shares and shareholding percentage of the shareholders whose shareholding percentage was more than 5% of the total shares or the shareholders with top 10 shareholding percentage:

July 12, 2023;Unit:Shares

Major Shareholder’s name Number of Shares Held Shareholding Percentage (%)
CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures II 9,267,153 8.34
FUKESON Investment Co., Ltd. 8,566,664 7.71
FENGSI Investment Co., Ltd. 7,000,000 6.30
GISOU Investment Co., Ltd. 6,900,000 6.21
JINGCHENG Investment Co., Ltd. 5,333,336 4.80
KANPEKI Ltd. 4,200,000 3.78
Cathay Venture Inc. 3,873,000 3.49
Jerry Wang 2,809,632 2.53
Li Guo Feng 2,406,000 2.17
Pei Kan 2,230,000 2.01